United Ventures’
Code of Conduct

To ensure fairness, integrity, and transparency in conducting our business, we have implemented a set of values and principles that guide our actions and relations with our colleagues, investors, founders, and more generally, with everyone we meet along our journey to find and back the best tech entrepreneurs.

It’s a demonstration of United Ventures’ commitment to developing and upholding the highest ethical standards and provides clear guidance on the principles of governance and accountability.

On the same page, we view environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) factors as crucial for making sound investment decisions. Long considered as part of our activities, we are currently in the process of formalizing our commitment to high standards through a more structured ESG policy and framework, which will set out the significance of ESG factors in relation to our investors, portfolio companies, employees and other stakeholders. 

We aim at taking an active role in improving ESG awareness, performance and compliance within UV internal operations, our portfolio companies and in our investment decision making.

For more information, head to the Compliance section of our website, where you’ll find the full text of our Organization Model and Code of Ethics, and our Approach to sustainability risk.

Ethical Principles

At United Ventures, we are committed to never failing to respect fundamental values such as honesty, moral integrity, transparency, and objectivity in pursuing corporate objectives.

We base our business relations on full transparency and correctness; respect for the law; and independence from all forms of conditioning, both internal and external.

Within the scope of the responsibilities related to the role we hold, each of us must provide the highest level of professionalism and carry out all assigned activities with commitment, contributing to the achievement of United Ventures’ goals.

Act in Fairness and with Integrity

The primary objective of United Ventures is to amplify the investment of shareholders and subscribers of the Funds through the pursuit of a policy that can ensure impactful returns over time. In doing so, we are committed to behaving with the utmost fairness and integrity in liaising with all persons and entities inside and outside the company.

We are committed to avoiding conflict of interests and communicating truthful and transparent information to the outside world. We want the flow of information to stakeholders always to be complete, clear, and transparent.

Our industry has a range of stakeholders. In addition to GPs and LPs, this includes (and is not limited to) portfolio and target companies, their employees, suppliers, public administration, regulators, media, and the wider community. Our Code of Ethics provides specific guidance in relation to the various entities.

Diversity and Inclusion

At United Ventures, we are committed to developing each team member’s abilities and skills so that the energy and creativity of individuals find full expression by realizing the potential of each.

We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities based on individual merit and qualifications directly related to professional competence. We strictly prohibit discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, age, or any other characteristics protected by law.

We do our best to overcome daily our conscious and unconscious biases. We foster an open and supportive work environment, emphasizing accountability, empowerment, and respect for each individual at all levels of the organization.


Any misconduct must be promptly reported. We have an e-mail address (odv@unitedventures.it) to which any reports concerning non-compliance with the provisions of our Code may be sent anonymously. ODV is an independent function to which all business units can turn for the resolution of compliance issues.