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United Ventures is an independent Italian venture capital firm investing in digital technologies. Our mission is to support extraordinary founders in their journey to build great companies, and help them to imagine how technology will reshape society, markets, and industries. At the moment we manage €190 million between two early-stage funds, and we launched in July 2020 the fundraising of our new growth fund. Since 2013, we have invested in +25 technology startups, supporting their growth and international expansion process; our current portfolio includes 16 companies in Italy, Europe, UK, Israel, and USA. You can read more about them in the Portfolio section of our website.

As one of the longest-running venture capital firms in Italy, we have developed over the years an extensive international network, strong credibility, and in-depth knowledge of the digital and technology landscape. These elements put us in a prime position to select and support the most talented entrepreneurs to develop innovative companies with high growth potential at the international level. Our team has a solid track record of success in venture capital operations and many years of entrepreneurial and managerial experience in the digital and tech ecosystem, which allow us to provide strategic guidance and added value for startups on their journey ahead.

Investment focus

The adoption of innovative technologies and the digitalization across whole sectors happen gradually, until the moment when they suddenly become part of our present. Our job is to make that happen: we imagine and anticipate the future needs, trying to find the right answers. Our aim is to identify problems whose solution is capable of generating venture capital returns and, at the same time, producing a wider advantage. If you want to explore further our investment thesis, read our manifesto.

There is no such thing as a “typical United Ventures company”, but there is a paradigm that all our best investments have in common: passionate and relentless founders with a unique insight focused on a market ready for large growth. We seek the best entrepreneurs with vision and skills to redefine industries through technology. We look for business opportunities with the potential to disrupt markets and enhance the greater good.

We are sector agnostic in our approach and we invest in B2B and B2C tech/digital companies from various industries. We mainly invest in SaaS companies with some proven traction in the market – but overall we seek the best technology entrepreneurs that want to make an impact. Our focus is on entrepreneurial and technological initiatives aimed at digitalizing and thus increasing the productivity of traditionally undigitized sectors.

We are a European VC with a strong focus on the Italian ecosystem, where we are best placed to support teams in terms of value-add. We are committed to making the most of the Italian market’s peculiarities, connecting Italian entrepreneurs and talents to the global market. But we know that entrepreneurial talent and great business ideas can be found everywhere, so we also invest in other geographies (namely Canada, Israel, Switzerland and United States) when we see an exciting opportunity and we have a trusted, local lead investor.


We currently manage two early-stage funds, UV1 and UV2, totaling over 190 million euros AUM. In July 2020 we launched the fundraising of our latest fund UV T-Growth, which will support highly innovative growth-stage businesses in Italy and abroad.

Our Limited Partners comprise renowned institutional investors – funds of funds, pension funds, financial institutions, foundations – and selected private investors. It is important to us that we generate returns for shareholders we can be proud of and who share our values.

UV1 and UV2 are focused on early-stage opportunities, mainly Series A, with an average investment ticket between 1 and 6 million euros. We also do follow on in the later stages of our portfolio companies. The new fund UV T-Growth will focus on Series B/C with a target investment size between 10 and 15 million euros.

All the investment opportunities that we receive from the various channels converge into our internal proprietary deal flow management system and are screened by our deal flow coordinator on the basis of objective criteria. If the opportunity fits with our investment strategy, we arrange a first meeting to get to know the founders and understand their business vision. If the feedback is positive, we progress to the next stage of our progress, deep dive the opportunity and eventually set up a meeting with our investment committee, which is the last step before an investment decision is made.


From addressing tactical and functional problems to building value for the long term, we put in place all the resources to support and guide our portfolio companies in their path to become successful international businesses. If you want to learn more about that, ask our portfolio Founders!


We currently do not have open roles at United Ventures, but you can send us your curriculum vitae via our Contact page, shall an opportunity arise.

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Although we are mainly working remotely at the moment, our beautiful HQ is located in the heart of Milan, next to the Duomo. We also have an office in Rome. And, above all, an European and global outlook.

If you want to present your startup to United Ventures, the best way to reach us is through somebody in our network. The second best way is to submit your proposal via our website – to learn how to reach us head to the Contact section.