Michael Harte

Research Partner

Throughout his career, Michael has been a protagonist of the disruption occurring across products and business models in financial services, trade, logistics sectors. He has led operational change, digital transformation, and commercial growth at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, at Barclays, and more recently at Santander UK as COO. Previously, he held various technology / CIO leadership roles at PNC, Citi, and Fonterra.

A forward-thinker and experienced technologist focusing on AI, core, edge, and cloud computing, Michael has developed an international network across the ecosystem of innovation and investment. He serves as a mentor, coach, and advisor to Boards, executives and early-stage founders on digital and data innovation as well as information technology value.

Michael received an MSc in Systems Management from New York University and is a Research Fellow with MIT Centre Information Systems Research (CISR), researching the economics of marketplaces, digital asset valuation, digitization methods, and business re-platforming.

Originally from New Zealand, Michael is based in London. A passionate art lover and committed environmentalist, he greatly enjoys nature and the pristine Italian, particularly Sardinian landscapes.

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