Announcing the launch of VC HUB ITALIA

February 13th, 2020

United Ventures is one of the founding members of VC HUB ITALIA, the association that reunites the main players in the financing of innovative startups. The assets under management of the associated funds amount to more than 1 billion euros, and the members’ portfolios comprehend more than 250 innovative Italian companies.

Together with 360 CapitalIndaco Venture PartnersP101Panakès Partners, and PrimoMiglio, we decided to make a system through the creation of a new association that will represent the growing Italian venture capital operators, while working to build a proper Italian venture capital culture.

The association also includes LVenture, Sofinnova Partners, Milano Investment Partners, Oltre Ventures, Endeavor Italia, Embed Capital, Aurora-TT, Genextra, Gaia Capital, Bheroes, A11 Venture, Lumen Ventures, RedSeed Venture, Biovalley Investment Partners, and some of the most important Corporate Venture funds active in Italy.

The objective of this new association is to spread the knowledge of risk capital, creating actions of awareness, and institutional support to the innovation ecosystem.

The Italian ecosystem of innovative companies has been deeply influenced by the measures introduced, starting from 2012, by the startup act. Still, effective initial policy in favor of startups is not enough condition for companies to succeed, if the results obtained are not supported by complementary actions, also in other policy areas, to fully realize the potential of innovative Italian companies.

VC HUB ITALIA intends to present to the main stakeholders proposals aimed at making possible in Italy a capital endowment comparable to that of other EU countries’ startups, to compete and climb, then, at an international level. It also wants to propose solutions and proposals concerning the startup ecosystem.

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