From early to growth stage

We support extraordinary founders in their journey to build great companies. We help them invent the future by imagining how technology will reshape society, markets, and industries.

  • People first

    Our investment thesis has evolved over time, but there is a core idea that has always driven our choices. Entrepreneurial talent is the starting point: all successful ventures are made of exceptional founders and teams. We are people first, and so are our entrepreneurs. This understanding is the foundation on which all of our relationships are built.

  • Enabling technologies

    Technology is driving radical change across all aspects of our life, and the uncertain times we are going through has accelerated the digital transformation in multiple ways. We believe in the power of technological innovation, and we support game-changing founders to disrupt markets that are still widely undigitalized.

  • Before it is obvious

    Technological progress takes place gradually, then suddenly. We don’t like to wait for the future to happen, or to jump on the bandwagon. We try to anticipate future needs with facts and data. We are inherently curious with a passion for learning, and we apply a connecting-the-dots attitude to our investment decision-making.

  • Long-term commitment

    Venture capital has a long-term horizon. It takes patience and resilience. Likewise, world-changing companies live for decades, as do our relationships. We value integrity, respect, merit, and collaboration. We will stand right by our founders’ side through the entrepreneurial journey and help them scale their business with a hands-on approach.

  • Impactful returns

    No impact equals no returns. Our goal is to identify solutions to latent problems, which can lead to venture sized returns and, at the same time, bring an extended benefit. We want to be part of a process that sets conditions for change, making a difference through positive impact, and creating enduring value.

  • From base camp to summit

    We believe that growth should be achieved in a sustainable and responsible manner. And, as venture capital investors and through our portfolio companies, we are aware to play an essential role in building a fairer and more inclusive technology ecosystem. That’s why we are committed to improve our efforts and actions in this direction.