At United Ventures, we believe that companies must responsibly pursue growth to create enduring value and impactful returns. To this end, we must double our efforts toward sustainable investing and establish our strategic objectives.

VC firms play an essential role in building a fairer technology ecosystem through business operations and investment activities. Thus, accelerating sustainability across our internal operations, portfolio, and dealflow has become an urgent priority. 

On this page, you will find all the relevant information about how we tackle sustainability matters at United Ventures.


Our ESG Policy sets out our commitment to high standards concerning Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) criteria. We aim to set out the principles that the firm aspires to and the procedures that United Ventures has implemented to meet our ESG goals.

This ESG Policy is reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors of United Ventures and will be subject to an annual review to integrate any new guidelines or regulations in this matter. All ESG strategies and procedures adopted will also be reviewed under policy changes, financial considerations, and new rules. United Ventures is committed to maintaining its stakeholders informed and updated on Policy reviews and updates.

Read our ESG Policy.


We are a carbon neutral company. This means that we have calculated our greenhouse gas emissions, are continuously reducing them, and offset unabated emissions through carbon offset projects.

Learn more about how we measure, reduce, and offset our business carbon footprint while building an empowered, climate-driven work culture.


As part of our ongoing effort towards sustainable investing, in February 2023 we have joined the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

The PRI is an international global network of asset owners, investment managers and service providers working together to put responsible investment into practice. The principles, which are voluntary and aspirational, aim to further understanding of the implications of sustainable investing and support signatories to incorporate ESG issues into their decision making and ownership practices.


United Ventures declares in compliance with Article 4 of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (the so-called Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation – “SFDR”), relating to sustainability disclosure in the financial services sector, to integrate ESG factors in its investments assessment but not to be in a position to consider exhaustively, at entity level, the principal adverse impacts of investment decisions. This is due to the inner investment characteristics of its Funds, which focus on “early stage” companies (c.d. seed, round A e round B) that generate a positive environmental and social impact but are not always able to provide a structured stream of information on their impacts on ESG factors.

Read more about our approach to sustainability risk.

Full Disclosure ex Art. 4. 

United Ventures has decided to take into consideration the principal adverse impacts for its new Fund UVIII, which promotes social and environmental characteristics according to Article 8 of Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (EU) n. 2019/2088. 

Please find below the relevant SFDR documentation for UVIII:

Annex 2

Disclosure ex Art. 10 (ITA)

Disclosure ex Art. 10 (ENG)

Engagement Policy