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Our investment in Datrix: AI applications for business growth

20 Mag, 20

We are excited to partner with Datrix and lead their latest financing round, of which €2.3 million has already been secured. An extremely strong team and the integration of expertise on different verticals put them in a prime position to revolutionize the Augmented Analytics industry and support data-driven business growth through Artificial Intelligence.

We have been following Datrix’s progress with interest since the early days, and even more closely after the strategic acquisition in 2019 of our portfolio company PaperLit, aimed at integrating Datrix’s offer with the distribution and monetization of content on mobile devices and smart speakers for publishers and brands. As a matter of fact, since then we have continued to follow PaperLit and Datrix achievements from within, as a minor shareholder of Datrix.

The integration of expertise and very vertical experience in fintech, marketing, and digital publishing is one of the strengths of Datrix, as the company works to be the reference point in data disruption through Artificial Intelligence, intended as an accelerator of human intelligence. Specifically, Datrix develops technologies and proprietary software solutions for Augmented Analytics, a new approach to business intelligence that integrates AI techniques (machine learning, deep learning, and NLP processing) and overcomes problems related to traditional data analytics solutions.

Today we participate in their latest financing round through our first fund, UV1, consolidating a strategic collaboration in the Italian digital and technological landscape. The investment is mainly aimed at a strong acceleration on the marketing and sales front, also with a view to international expansion, at the extension of the customer base to SMEs, and at the intensification of R&D and product development activities.

Fabrizio Milano d’Aragona, Mauro Arte, and Claudio Zamboni, former senior managers of Google Italy, decided to start Datrix because they were deeply convinced of the value of data to facilitate better decisions by companies of all sizes and consequently accelerate business growth. As of today, digital transformation is no more a nice-to-have. It is a matter of survival, and a data-driven approach enabled by Artificial Intelligence can make the difference for many companies that want and need to become less fragile, more adaptive, and agile.

The way we do business is changing deeply, and Artificial Intelligence applied to data plays an increasingly important role in business innovation processes. The diffusion and adoption of AI, also by small and medium enterprises, will be fundamental to support the Italian technological development, especially in this challenging historical phase, and seize the opportunities of the data economy. Thanks to high-value proprietary technologies applicable to multiple industrial contexts and high-quality management with strong digital experience, Datrix is extremely well placed on the competitive landscape and has everything needed to become a reference player in Italy and Europe in the field of AI applied to data.

We welcome Datrix into our portfolio and look forward to supporting its work alongside national and international companies that want to apply a data-driven approach to their business. 

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United Ventures SGR SpA is an independent Italian Venture Capital firm specialising in investments in innovative companies in the software and digital technology sectors. Founded in 2013 by Massimiliano Magrini and Paolo Gesess, United Ventures manages over €190 million raised from Italian and international institutional investors, and has so far invested in over 20 early stage technology companies. The current portfolio includes, among others: Fiscozen, xFarm, MishiPay, Equalum, Exein, Credimi, brumbrum, Moneyfarm, Cloud4Wi, MusiXmatch, MainStreaming and FACEIT.

Datrix develops software solutions for Augmented Analytics for Marketing, Sales, Publishing, and Finance purposes. Datrix is the way to provide companies of all sizes with integrated solutions, services, and expertise in the four areas of Data Empowerment, Data Platforms, Data Monetization, Quantamental Investing.


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