Crypto Made Easy. Our investment in Young Platform

June 28th, 2021

We are proud to partner with Young Platform to make cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone, leading their €3.5 million Series A – the largest round in the crypto sector in Italy so far – and investing alongside a number of friends of United Ventures such as Luca Ascani, Max Ciociola, and Pietro Invernizzi.

This is the story of six friends living and breathing crypto ever since high school, who envisioned a cashless world where people get full control and ownership of their assets.

As part of the new generation of financial consumers themselves, the six schoolmates – Andrea Ferrero, Alexandru Stefan Gheban, Samuele Raimondo, Andrea Carollo, Marco Ciarmoli, and Daniele Rinaldi – decided to solve the problems that struggled their peers willing to invest in crypto assets:

  • the difficulty to understand digital assets and a low financial education;
  • the lack of gateways between cryptocurrency markets and mainstream banking to liquify crypto assets;
  • the fragmentation of services. 

And that’s how Young Platform was born. Since its foundation in 2018, the company based at the I3P incubator of the Politecnico di Torino established itself as the most promising Italian company in the field of digital currencies, with a constantly growing community that now counts 300,000 total users. 

Originally conceived as a place to safely exchange cryptos, Young Platform has evolved to date into a native smart digital hub focused on new financial services. Their mission is to make the crypto-industry fair and meaningful for everyone, and to this end, the team has developed different products that allow users to start buying and selling cryptocurrencies at their own pace and according to their own habits.

Young Platform aims to simplify access to the world of cryptocurrencies and to increase new generations’ financial consciousness, while giving easy access from the traditional to the digital assets market. Always putting customers at the center.

Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry have reached a turning point. As crypto becomes mainstream, we think that the two pillars of Young Platform strategy – a strong focus on financial education and compliance as a distinctive factor, in order to actively participate in the evolution and consolidation of the crypto landscape – will be key to move to the next phase and give more and more people access to the entire digital asset ecosystem. And beyond the market frenzy, we firmly believe that the implementation of blockchain within financial applications has just begun.

Young’s founders are among the most knowledgeable in Italy about the dynamics of this evolving market and have the ambition and skills to bring the revolutionary vision of decentralized finance to the ground, by building an enabling technology platform that can respond in a progressive way to the needs of users.

As part of our long-term investment thesis aimed at innovating and democratizing financial services through technology, we are proud to be leading Young Platform’s Series A round and excited to welcome into our portfolio the reference platform for the new generation of investors in digital currencies.

Welcome on board Andrea and team! We are inspired by your vision and look forward to supporting Young Platform on the journey ahead 🚀

For further information, check out the following links:

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Press release – ITA

Also featured on:

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UV2’s investment in Young Platform is also supported by the European Investment Fund through InnovFin Equity, with financial backing from the European Union under the financial instruments of Horizon 2020 and the European Fund for Strategic Investments (“EFSI”) established under the Investment Plan for Europe. The purpose of EFSI is to support the financing and implementation of productive investments in the European Union and ensure greater access to finance.

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