Congratulations to Datrix!

December 3rd, 2021

Datrix goes public with Euronext Growth Milan

This morning, our portfolio company Datrix underwent its anticipated IPO and is now listed on Euronext Growth Milan under the ticker “DATA”. Datrix is active in the field of big data analysis, developing AI-based solutions of augmented analytics and machine learning to promote its customers’ data-driven growth.

Today, we congratulate Datrix for successfully listing on Euronext Growth Milan! The news marks an important milestone in the company’s progress as it continues to develop Artificial Intelligence applications for the data-driven transformation and growth of companies. In a world where digital transformation is no more a nice-to-have, but a matter of survival, the data-driven approach enabled by Artificial Intelligence can make the difference for many companies – and the need for companies like Datrix is more urgent than ever.

United Ventures became a shareholder in Datrix when they acquired our portfolio company PaperLit in 2019, and since then we participated in the company’s following financing rounds. As members of the board, we’ve been supporting the company through its internationalization and strategic choices, and today we feel privileged to watch Datrix mark the successful transition from private firm to public company.

Not being the typical early-stage investment, our relationship with Datrix has some unique traits. Along these years, it helped us understand that there is no a “one-size-fits-all” approach in our job and that sometimes we need to go beyond our idea of how a venture capital investor must or should act. It has been teaching us the value of finding the right balance and distance from the management team, while supporting it — an extremely important exercise, especially when you are in front of tenacious entrepreneurs that have a clear vision of where they want to bring their company. This thought-provoking dialectic proved to be fruitful and brought us here today to celebrate this great milestone.

We have been witnessing Datrix’ growth into the virtuous combination of several tech companies — 3rdPlace, ByTek, FinScience, Adapex and PaperLit — which, although operating in different business areas, share the mission not to replace, but to augment human intelligence by applying scalable Artificial Intelligence solutions to data. 

This listing is a huge validation of the original vision of Fabrizio Milano d’Aragona, Mauro Arte, and Claudio Zamboni, who decided to start Datrix because they were deeply convinced of the value of data to facilitate better decisions by companies of all sizes and consequently accelerate business growth.

The capital raised on Euronext Growth Milan will provide important new resources for growth. The resources will help to internationalize Datrix even more, in particular by expanding further in the U.S. market; to bring Artificial Intelligence not only to large companies but also to SMEs through affordable solutions; to continue to invest in Research & Development; and to proceed with new acquisitions to strengthen the four areas in which Datrix operates.

From all of us at United Ventures, we send our congratulations to the team for a truly remarkable achievement, and we can’t wait to continue to support Datrix in their new life as a public company!

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