Paolo Gesess

Founder & Managing Partner

As a seasoned investor, Paolo brings operational expertise and strategic vision to the table. With over two decades originating, managing, and exiting venture capital deals across industries, Paolo’s investing track record shows his long-term commitment to helping the transformation of promising early-stage companies into international success stories.

He firmly believes that the most important asset of any organization is its people, and he has earned a reputation as a trusted mentor and strategic partner who understands early-stage founders’ challenges and helps unlock long-term potential.

Paolo’s deep knowledge of the early-stage sector, combined with his passion for technology, led him to invest in companies that have shaped the digital landscape, such as MutuiOnline, Moneyfarm, Musixmatch, Fiscozen, Futura, and Trustfull.

Paolo holds a degree in Economics from the University of Turin and has been a Chartered Accountant since 1999. He has also served as an academic fellow at Milan Politecnico and as a lecturer at MIP and Bocconi University, where he shares his expertise in venture capital and entrepreneurship.

When he is not busy scouting the next big thing, Paolo enjoys spending quality time with his family and sailing the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

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