Tommaso Palmieri

Data Scientist

Tommaso joined United Ventures in June 2021, where he currently serves as Data Scientist and Software Engineer. In these roles, he developed a sophisticated data architecture for continuous machine learning models and created integrations enabling real-time connections between existing systems and advanced frameworks. His innovations also include data visualization tools and models refined to supercharge United Ventures’ dealflow. Moreover, Tommaso lends his technical acumen to the investment team, assisting in the evaluation of new potential deals.

Prior to United Ventures, Tommaso gained diverse professional experience. In his recent roles, he served as a Teaching Assistant at the Tandon School of Engineering at New York University; he interned as a Data Analyst at Deloitte in Milan, building data visualizations for multinational clients; and he worked as an IT Software Developer in London, developing analysis solutions.

In the academic sphere, Tommaso is a dual-degree graduate from New York University, where he was named a University Honors Scholar. He holds a Bachelor of Science in both Mathematics and Computer Engineering. His strong academic background has given him proficiency in Python, Java, Google API, C++, and TensorFlow.

Outside of his professional and academic pursuits, Tommaso is an enthusiast of debate, having represented his school at several international conferences. He is also passionate about photography and analog photographic
process (he also built his own darkroom), sailing, skiing, and tennis.

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